Efficiently Utilizing Your Resources  to Their Full Potential 

How We Decreased Human Effort by 98% 

Leveraging your team to its full potential could be the difference between a roaring success and wasting your resources. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to see exactly where your resources are being wasted and where you have the potential for optimization. 

This is where workflow automation can make all the difference. 

With workflow automation, companies are replacing labor-intensive, repetitive tasks with efficient, well-designed software programs. Workflow automation is currently driving changes that bring operational and cost efficiency, as well as better user experiences for customers and internal employees.

This case study shares how we built a workflow automation solution for a telecommunications client that ultimately generated direct benefits to their operations and created much happier users. To do this we analyzed our partners' processes and strategized ways to apply our automated solution to leverage engineering resources more efficiently. As an end result, we improved their throughput by 856%. Ultimately, Daitan’s workflow automation solution moved the needle in a big way for all parties involved.

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