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Addressing Customer’s Deepest Needs With UX and Data Design

Our clients' data-driven industries are growing rapidly due to the high demand for the ultimate customer experience. To assist in conversions and to drive sales in order to meet company goals, Daitan implemented a multi-faceted solution on a short timeline that not only solved the client’s biggest concerns but also, positioned the industry leader to thrive over the long term.

The challenge our client faced involved upgrading the user experience and the data structure to enhance sales' abilities to convert new business.  This case study dives into how Daitan implemented an... 

  • User Experience (UX) assessment and design, and 
  • Data assessment and design 

The project outcome enabled the company's sales engineers to easily and effectively demonstrate product features during live demonstrations opening the way to higher conversions. 

Download the case study below and access the full story. 


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